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(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2005|06:39 pm]
Three of us used to sit in the same bench 7yrs ago and dream of greater things than what other classmates used to. This made us feel special about ourselves and made us a strong, isolated clique. Time passed, each one of us put in efforts in their own ways, dreaming about the same things, nevertheless complacent with what we could achieve even though we were not even close to the beautiful dream. But one among us could accomplish what we dreamt…no more than what we dared to dream. Today two of us are pursuing studies in Hyderabad but ‘the one’ could enter IIT and now he is in MIT, yesss The Massachusetts Inst of Tech, Boston.
It was very thrilling to hear that one of us could attain great heights, and spent the whole of evening in elation but at the end of the day realised that the little more efforts, which he could put in with a perfect strategy, worked wonders for him. Yet again I realised that ‘a little effort of today can yield you great results’.
For people over here MIT is like a myth. We know that it exists on the other side of the globe where the greatest minds of the world are at work, but never even dare to enter it cause it is not one of the best but ‘The Best’. One can see Stephen hawking pass by, noble laureates present their talks, work with the kind of technology, which the world witnesses after a decade. They are ahead of time. I am proud that one of my best friends will sit with the cream of world academician community and who knows, he can become one of the best civil engineers.
Yesterday was exciting but a lot more inspiring. Thank you my dear friend for making me feel that way not by words but by the mere presence.
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Football for me!!! [Jun. 1st, 2005|08:03 pm]
Football - Prolly the biggest crowd pulling game on the Earth, but for me its a confusion between two 3 sided rectangles!!!

Less time, more aggression, more money, more stamina and more speculation....hmmm, higher status than my favourite game (I'm a mediocre Indian...whatelse can my fav game be??) but donno why it never appealed to me.

I should honestly say that I like goal keeper and penalty shoot outs the most. How would the game be if all the 'confusion' is wrapped up and only penalty happens??? (all football fans feel like kicking me??)

*Remembers a joke*

once a minister goes to a football match,watches it for sometime and asks his scretary,"whay are 22 idiots fighting for one ball,cant we give each one a ball to play with??"

I guess I'll never understand nor remember the football fundas...

Whatever...its entertainment to millions and I'm blind to see its charishma!!
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I have been to God's own country. [May. 24th, 2005|01:38 am]
It has been many days since I saw water flowing in any waterbody. yes! I saw it in Kerala.
I pitied my state for its barren lands and envied Kerala for its lush vegetation. Different culture, different attitudes and different charm, that was like a world in itself.
Kerala, rightly said 'God's own country'.

Kochi was the first destination to rest for a night after a tedious 28hr journey. The next morning we took a train to Chalakudi and from there headed towards a beautiful waterfall called 'Athirapally falls' by bus. That was the first ghat road drive(30km) in Kerala. I have never seen such a wide fall amidst thick jungle(wild cats are often spotted in the evenings). After an eye feast, we landed at Guruvayur,the famous 'kutti krishna' temple in Kerala. Males are supposed to go topless with a dhoti and females should get dressed up in saree, says the temple norms. ThankGod that the dhotis survived. More than the diety we were worried about the dhoti.
Waynad was the next destination. The bus travel in Kerala is pathetic. The buses they use are antiques. The drive is like a rollercoaster ride. No bus seat in Kerala has got push back mechanism and above all keralites are bad co passengers. In every angle there is a certain amount of discomfort. After a 5 hr uncofortable bus journey we landed at Waynad. 'Chembra peak' the highest peak in that district 2100mts above sea level was our 'laksh'. It took eight and half hours and undeterred will to accomplish the 14km trek. A steep slope with narrow paths( just about 2ft),slippery mud and rocks makes up chembra. The lunch I had on a rock protruding out of the hillside is the best ever lunch.
Munnar, the highest hillstation in south India was next in the itinerary. somehow managed a cozy cottage with valley view for 500 bucks. Al through the tour we wanted to travellers rather than tourists and preferred travelling by local transport, eating the native delicacies and staying in economical cottages and lodges. When Hyd was being roasted at 44 we were freaking out at 10 degrees through the clouds,valleys,plantations(tea,coffee,cardamom) and ghat roads. The highest peak in south India -Anaimudi, a very rare species of mountain goat-nilgiri tahr, highest point on highway in south India-top station are the interesting places around Munnar.
The ride from Munnar to Thekkady is the most beautiful ride I had ever taken. one quarter of the journey would be through clouds where everything is hidden in the dense cloud. All you can see is objects at a distance of about 20mts dissolving into the thick white fog like cloud. Heavenly!!!
We didn't want to go to the regular periyar boat ride at Thekkady and planned for an exciting jeep safari through the jungle. We were the second Indian group doing the safari in 3-4 years and the first student group(The 4 brave guys).Entered the thickest part of the jungle after a 40km long open top jeep safari and started for the 8km long jungle trek. The forest being a rainforest, the ground is wet without grass and filled with leeches. We had to wear leech socks,but initially we were very leeche conscious. At a point we heard swooshing sound of an elephant and stopped to notice a huge rock like structure 10mts away from us. The guide asked to make no sound and went two steps ahead and the elephant started moving towards us and we ran for our lives. Later he said that the elphant was mad because only mad elephants roam alone and attack everything that comes its way.We were on the edge of a valley and in its path and down the valley was a huge herd of elephants.After a narrow escape, we completed the trek smoothly. On our way back, the jeep driver sensed presence of wild anuimlas at a certain place and took us there. Initially we could hear grunting and rumbling noise and later spotted a herd of wild bisons a few meters away trying to run away from us. To get a good view of the herd we had to chase them for nearly 3km through tall grass on the hillside,running crazily not knowing what would come in the front. That was a huge herd of nearly 50 bisons. It gave us the animal planet, nat geo kinda feel. One thing I learnt from the jungle trek is that the jungle is just another home with a different set of rules. There is coziness in the seemingly scary silence of the jungle. Our abilities to smell and sense work amazingly well in there. Human is the cruelest animal and thats why all the wild beings are scared of human presence. No wild cat shall generally attack human beings and 'kaal' kinda stories are just stories.
How can we miss one of the most famous beaches of India -Kovalam?? travelled all the way to southern tip trivandrum just to play at Kovalam beach. One full day at kovalam is not a waste at all. Beach side shops, beach facing restaurants, beautiful foreign babes in bikinis and huge waves with a clean ambience. Ecstatic.
Kerala is famous for back waters at Allapuzha. Took a 86 km long and 8 hr boat ride on back waters. That was a calm, laid back day filled with scenic beauty. zillion coconut trees and hundreads of boat houses, this place stands as an epitome of kerala.
Kochi is no less an interesting place with 450 yr old church -st.francis church, 300 yr old palace which is not a typical palatial palace, jewish synagogue(oldest in the country),chinese fishing nets and poeple using motor boats more than city buses.
All in all Kerala was a different world. This tour was not only fun but also informative and experience. we visited mountain peaks, thick jungles, valleys, beaches and places of historic importance...whatelse can a tour consist of?? It was an experience that I would cherish forever in the name of my dearest buddies and the God's own country.
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Trip [May. 8th, 2005|04:45 am]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |dilli dilli jayenge]

I'm going to a 12 day long trip to kerala with dearest pals. Planning to do trekking for the first time. We want it to be more of an adventure tourism kinda experience. Shall be seeing you all after I come back with lotsa things to share.take care my LJ pals.I shall miss LJ.
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How do u define this??? [May. 7th, 2005|04:20 am]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |jagamantha kutumbam nadi -chakram]

The artist's intellect lies not only in colour mixing but also in attributing a painting or a pic, the right meaning. An art piece should be conceptualised in such a way that others should experience a total visual and intellectual connectivity.When an artist is able to evoke such kind of feel, any art piece looks like a metamorphed concept rather than a mere physical opus.

Here is a pic that grabbed my attention. I somehow thought it can be a good food for thought.

Read more...Collapse )

'A mighty foot and a broken hand' is what i call this.
What does the dormant artist in u say??
What lines for this pic would establish the right visual-intellectual connectivity??
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(no subject) [May. 4th, 2005|04:01 am]
[mood |peacefulpeaceful]
[music |azaadi - Bose the forgotten hero]

I want to be an adventure freak, but never did any.
Before I graduate, thought of doing many.

Biking is my passion,
So thought of going on a loooooong ride.

That’s a 400km long mission,
Was zooming on a pulsar with pride.

Auto bastard turns across the road,
I brake when the engine’s on full load.

God saved me,
Coz I’m alive after hitting the road divider head-on and skidding 20mts on the road.

Truly the tour was ‘adventurous’
Coz hiccups of this magnitude shudn’t shackle our passions.

Here r some pics....Collapse )
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typing with a bruised hand!!! [Apr. 23rd, 2005|01:06 am]
Have an exam today, 13 hrs from now and completed only 1 out of 5 units....hands r badly bruised....feeling damn sleepy....but i decided to type in here against all odds....coz i'm doing it after a loooong time and it shud have some speciality (if not in the script atleast in the ambience amidst which i typed it!!!)
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BHAKSHAK [Jan. 3rd, 2005|10:55 pm]
It was painful to know that the officials and so called human activists dont actually give the money collected from various sources to the destitutes.
The affected people wud not accept old clothes and blankets.NSS volunteers play cricket instead of serving people at Nagapatnam.

This is the aftermath of tsunami.

Please donate only food grains ,medicines, new clothes and new blankets.......but NEVER DONATE MONEY.

(source: one of my college mates who is right now in Nagapatnam trying do some service)
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prepone! [Dec. 9th, 2004|01:06 am]
"prepone" a very widely used word....but doesn't exist!!!

I guess they(whoever is the authority) shud add this word to English....after all language expands....and it shud be according to the people.
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Poseidon-Indian Ocean show [Nov. 29th, 2004|03:43 pm]
The best 'Fret tapping' ever was witnessd by the crowd at ISB yest night.The tabalist tapped the frets of Bass guitar while the basist Rahul Ram played.well, I shud say that was an amazing stunt.

The show can be called-A four men magic with soul filling music....which cannot be categorised into a particular genre....it's just Indian Ocean's music.

The smooth swithching from one beat to the other and Indian style to Western is the characeteristic of their music and was presented quite eloquently.Though the scales they choose to make songs r limited the feel of each song is different.The moods were set into sine wave oscillation.The jamming they do on the stage with strange instruments like Gubgubi(which the Indian Ocean calls as 'Bagal Bachcha') is a must-watch phenomena.

The new number they made for the film 'Black Friday'( a film about Bombay bomb blasts) was very touching.All Indian Ocean fans out there...this is a must buy album.

The ambience was perfect for the music. Except for few hiccups like feed back and drunken chaps doing crazy things...the show was perfect in all respects.

The band got a great encore and played the dance number 'Hilley ley' again.

Great attitude, unparalleled talent,versatility, energy,profound knowledge and an Indian heart......these things make up an Indian Ocean. I could feel it all through the show......Thanx to Kamal who put up the info on cyberabad.

Indian ocean Rocks( oops!!! i guess its not the apt word for the band).....well, then it RAAGS...
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